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Friday, February 16, 2007

in a diet funk

hey guys! and girls :)

i have a confession, i am in a funk. a diet funk. i have been eating healthy but i've been eating too much healthy food (with the exception of the melting pot). i've been overpoint almost every day this week...by like 5-10 points. i have no more flex points.

(not my picture)
no, i didn't eat that exact jumbo slice, but i did have a couple of bites of one. after a night out, full of beers and sushi, my boyfriend and i made a late night pizza run to the jumbo slice. i had a few bites of his pizza.

needless to say i'm bloated and i feel fat and i weighed 136 this morning. whatever. i'm PMSing and sick and its cold and snowing outside so i think that is contributing to my funk. i'm going to try to be good but next week is a new week and i won't beat myself up for this.

TGIF! i could not get out of bed this morning...i was so stuffed up.
ok, time to stop complaining! thanks for listening :)


metamorphose said...

That pepperoni looks like it's in a funk as well. ;)

TGIF indeed!!!

kelly said...

haha! that pepperoni is disgusting but it helps convey the GINORMOUS size of the thing.