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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

let it snow!

so i woke up this morning to a snow storm taking place. has work been cancelled? not yet! but good news is the scale said 135 :) which is great considering the HORRIBLE food/drink choices i made during my birthday weekend!

i was up around 7 so i had time to take my time, get ready, and had some cereal. i bought some yummy low point food items yesterday!

it definitely didn't look like that but i had "weight watchers flakes n fiber with oats" with 1/2 cup of skim milk (3 points). it wasn't very delicious. but it wasn't bad either. i'm still full and it's almost 10:30 so that's good. i would recommend it though. sometimes you have to get your fiber in and there are 9 grams in one serving and i had two!! one point a serving cereal, you can't go wrong.

nestle carb select fat free hot chocolate. now this wasn't bad, it would have been better with fat free cool whip but i don't have a lot to work with here at my job. it definitely has a sugar-alcohol after taste but for the hot chocolate craving it does the job! and it was 0 points (25 calories!) i saw a fat free version that wasn't carb controlled and it was 50 calories, i bet that would tase better.

thomas' 100 calorie english muffins! haven't had it yet but i have a good feeling about it. 2 points, i will let you know how it tastes!

edy's slow churned no sugar added chocolate chip cookie dough (2pts = 0.5 cup)
very rich and creamy, not much cookie dough and the pieces were pretty hard and salty...not bad though, i definitely would love to try another flavor!

i also stocked up on healthy choice chicken with rice (2), quaker ranch rice quakes (1), apples (1), white cheddar rice cakes (1), light laughing cow cheese (1), wonder lite wheat bread (1pt = 2 slices).

so i'm feeling good, back on track. tommorow night is the melting pot with my boyfriend so i will probably try to eat very little during the day. i am going to bring veggies to snack on and eat a salad with veggies for lunch and try to keep it as low point as possible. i will figure out my game plan for the actual dinner tommorow. friday my girlfriends are coming in but that shouldn't be too bad, we'll see.

gym tonight to run or do elliptical or BOTH? depends on the weather though...

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