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Friday, February 09, 2007

birthday present to myself

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well today i had the day off which was nice. went to breakfast, had a couple of bites of pecan pancakes (boyfriends) and an eggbeater omelette loaded with feta. i'm not counting points today but i do have 35 flex points dedicated to today. so far so good, i havent eaten since breakfast, i'm still full.

well, i finally looked in the mirror and was like DAMN. i have this big black belt that i bought to go around my waist. i wore it a couple of times but was always pulling it down because i thought it accentuated my beer belly. and maybe the reason i was so surprised is that i haven't really worn very tight fitting shirts in a while, i'm a big fan of cardigans and the empire waist shirt haha :)

well i just put on a form fitting red v-neck from H&M and the size 4 black pants from target (which by the way are looser now and more comfortable...see below). i then decided to try the black belt around my waist. whoa nelly, HOT DAMN.

i look hot, sorry, i have to say that...i was getting so discouraged by my scale and thought that you couldn't really tell i've lost weight. well guess what, you totally can in this outfit and i don't care what that damn scale says (still 134 this morning)...i feel great in my outfit. and i can't wait to see if my friends have noticed tonight.

going to benihana's then out to a club/lounge/bar to drink with my friends. going to stick to beer though because liquor makes me crazy/sleepy!

happy birthday to me!!

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