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Thursday, February 22, 2007

run kelly! run!

that's me on the right. haha...only kidding. i did complete week 7, day one of the couch potato to 5k program!! that means i ran for 25 minutes. but wait...i did more than just that. i ran for 30 MINUTES! yay!! i really am not a natually strong runner and i thought after being sick and out of the gym for a week that i may not have been able to do it. but i did! looks like i may be a runner after all!

i ate about 11 points yesterday before the gym. earned 4 activity points and then ate a small butterless popcorn at the movies with my bf. we saw breach, which is about a security breach in the FBI. good movie! then we got mcdonalds frozen yogurt afterwards so i would say i ate about 18 points yesterday? not sure. haven't weighed myself for 3 days, i've been sleeping over at my bf's...he always sleeps over so i'm trying to be a better gf and i've been offering to stay at his place. it's not bad but my bed is definitely more comfortable :)

enviga: calorie burning drink (CNN article if you're interested). i tried it, in the berry flavor. it's not bad, a light fruity taste like a sparkling diet soda. it was about twice the size of a redbull. on the can it said you would need to drink 3 cans a day to burn between 60-100 additional calories. i don't know how i feel about that.

fun fact: you burn around 6 calories singing! i will be singing my whole way to the gym tonight :)

my legs are really sore from that run but i am going back to the gym for more tonight! i may just end up walking if it hurts too much but i think working out will actually lossen up these tight muscles.

oh! someone at work FINALLY said something about my weight loss. i've lost 11 pounds since november. this guy i used to work with stopped by today and he said "girl you need to eat something, you are getting too thin!" which is definitely not true. i think he may be the type of guy that enjoys a "thicker lady" if you know what i mean. but then everyone started chiming in. "yea you do look thinner"..."yea she definitely has lost weight!" hello coworkers, where have these encouraging words been for the past month or two? geez.

over and out...for now :)


metamorphose said...

It's nice when people finally start to notice.

Congrats on running for 30 minutes! Go you!

Salma Gundi said...

Heya :) I found your blog by looking for other people doing Couch to 5K I start week 7 tomorrow and am terrified of it!

Congratulations on your weight loss ... I think sometimes people don't say anything not bc they don't notice, but bc they don't know it is ok to comment on it.

Best wishes to you!