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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

country road...take me home

so it will actually be I-95 but still! i'm going home for the night to go to my stepmom's father's wake. i tried to stay low in points so far because i don't know what i will be eating on the 2 hour car trip or while i'm down there. my sister is on WW too and she's kind of obsessed so she won't let me get away with any bad things. she looks great, she went from 158 to 143 i believe, and that lucky bitch is tall too :) jk i love her.

menu so far:
breakfast: yogurt (1)
lunch: my subway turkey wrap (4)

i was 134 this morning. back to normal. for my birthday i want to see something lower. i have 3 days for that wish to come true!!

see you tommorow!

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