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Monday, February 05, 2007

on point ALL weekend & ready to EAT! :)

hey everyone!!

hope you all had a nice weekend, i know i did. well, i did it, i finally stayed on point all weekend. i was pretty proud of myself.

friday night: went out for drinks with friends, used 15 flex points
saturday: stayed on point, stayed in
sunday: went for a 60 minute, 3 mile walk. made healthy guacamole and AC La Rocca pizza for the superbowl and of course there were beers. used the rest of my flex points, maybe not even all of them.

and this week, i've decided to EAT MORE. that's right. i'm hoping that eating more will speed this weight loss along. like i said, i saw 133 on saturday morning but that number has since disappeared. i'm so tired of being disappointed by my scale. i go over all my healthy eating since the day after thanksgiving and can't figure out why it's so hard to hit the 130 mark. the ONLY thing i can think of is that i don't always eat all my points. some days i eat 15, some it's 17. i rarely eat all 20 points, unless i go out partying with my friends, in which case i usually drink them.

so this week, i will eat all 20 points every day. and when i go to the gym, i will subtract the activity points and eat even MORE. you think this would sound wonderful but i don't know, it's almost like losing control. once i start eating, my body doesn't want to stop. when i limit myself, i have more self control. does that make sense?

anyway...food find: diet ocean spray

now usually i do not like diet juice drinks but this was delicious! it also comes in orange flavor which my sister said was good too. only 5 calories a serving! yum!!

yesterday i made low-fat guacamole...my mom makes the best guac so i put a low-fat spin on it

-2 avocados (643 calories)
-salsa (25 calories)
-fat free sour cream (small container: 200 calories)
-reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese (2 servings: 160 calories)
-guacamole powder mix (10 calories)
=1038 calories / 6 servings
=173 ~ 3 or 4 points/serving

not too bad, and i only ate about half of it...so let's say 10 points
i used guiltless gourmet black bean chips to dip in it, YUMMY!

going to the gym tonight.

menu so far:
breakfast: yogurt (1), toast (1), peanut butter (0.5), jelly (0.5)
snack: string cheese (1), 100 calorie pack wheat thins (2)
lunch: smart ones teriyaki chicken (4)
snack: weight watchers chocolate cake (1), handfull of nuts (1)
=12 points and it's only 2pm!

activity points at the gym will help so i can eat a 5-6 pt dinner

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