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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

back on track...finally!!

so i feel like i'm back on track. one week after the valentine's day splurge, i am focused :) i was definitely under points yesterday, i maybe ate 12 points all day. i know it's not good to do that but i think my body can feast on all the CRAP i fed it this weekend. plus, i felt like poo yesterday, had no appetite. but i think the cold is finally deciding to give up and surrender to the cold medicine.

today i had toast & jelly for breakfast, i'm saving up for my lunch with my bf. we're going to the corner bakery. i love their tortilla soup. it's 4.7 points and i'm getting the cucumber and tomato side salad (1 pt)...so a 6-ish point lunch is good. i will probably have a snack of yogurt or fat free pudding later. i'm trying to stay on the lower end of the points scale because i don't know if i'm going to the gym tonight. i want to, i packed my stuff but i HATE working out when i'm sick. we'll see. after that i'm suppossed to go see the movie "breach" with my bf. so i will be enjoying a small, butterless popcorn (5 points right?)

i feel bad that i haven't worked out in a week...i really need to get my act together. i can only blame this on sickness for so long.

i can't decide what to give up for lent? i was thinking maybe drinking alcohol during the week? i love drinking wine with dinner or while watching my favorite shows at night so that would be a sacrifice. i'm not overly religious, i like the challenge of 40 days though. i would give up soda but diet soda really helps fill me up during the work day.

alright...off to lunch :)

1 comment:

metamorphose said...

MMmmmm...tortilla soup.

Maybe if you give up soda, you can have another type beverage instead -I love VitaminWater. (Dragonfruit is my favorite.) But it would have more calories than diet soda. That's a hard one.