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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

taco night. mm mm good

tonight i made tacos for my sister and i. she's also on weight watchers.

low fat turkey tacos (not really my recipe, just followed the instructions)
...points in parentheses...
- 2 low carb tortillas (2)
- ground turkey (2)
- salsa (0)
- fat free sour cream (0.5)
- thin slice of avocado (0.5)
- fat free shredded cheddar (1)
- taco seasoning packet (0.25)
= 7.5ish

i also made some black beans for the side dish. i was too full to eat them. the tacos were so yummy! i've never had ground turkey but it was great with the seasoning packet. i'm not big on eating beef but i couldn't tell the difference.

so, i'm a little sore, but not any more than usual. i was more sore when i first ran 30 minutes than i am now. tommorow i am hitting the gym to finish up week 7 of couch potato.

still not drinking during the week...for my 40 day challenge.
i have some weight watchers cheesecake waiting for me in the freezer.
american idol time!! ciao :)

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