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Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy day after valentine's day!!

i finally got the snow day i was hoping for! yesterday was very busy for me. went to the gym, the mall, target, developed pictures, got pretty and went to the melting pot for dinner!!

i got a workout in before dinner. 63 minutes of cardio (43 treadmill, 20 on the elliptical. i burned about 400 calories which gave me more leeway with dinner. i got a cramp about 7 minutes into running so i walked for rest of the time. i'm going back to the gym tonight after work.

scale: okay, so i weighed myself at the gym after my workout. the doctor's office type scale with the level in the middle. it said 131.5. i went straight home and weighed myself: 134. which should i go by?

i was really looking forward to the melting pot and i saved up all of my points...yes ALL of my points for dinner. i had 2 pieces of weight watchers bread/toast for breakfast and was so busy that i waited until 6:30 to eat. i was kind of scared because i had no idea how to even begin to calculate points for it. i half jokingly asked my boyfriend how many points he thought dinner/desert was and he kind of laughed and told me not to worry about it, since i had so many points saved up. but secretly i tried to figure it out :)

valentine's day dinner menu: the melting pot

drinks: bottle of charle's krug (peter mondavi family) cabernet sauvignon -- delicious, you have to try this if you like wine

appetizer: swiss cheese fondue flavored with champagne, nutmeg, other spices with bread, granny smith apples and veggies to dip

salad: strawberry and feta salad served over mixed greens, arugula with a pear dressing. served with the melting pot's garlic & wine seasoning on the side, delicious ;)

entree: broth & burgundy fondue with lobster tail, shrimp, potstickers, filet mignon, chicken, 2 different kinds of beef, and veggies with side sauces: teriyaki, sweet & sour, mustard-type sauce, cream cheese/chives/sour cream dip, horseradish, cocktail sauce

desert: white chocolate & chambord fondue served with the most delicious cheesecake i've ever tasted (ORGASMIC), brownies, marshmellows, pound cake, strawberries, pineapple & a champagne toast!

IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! the desert was my favorite but everything else was delicious too...it was my first time there and i was definitely impressed!

afterwards we stopped by my bf's mom's house, hung out, then went home & drank some champagne! it was very romantic :) he got me a great present, which i loved! having a boyfriend like him is such a blessing, he's perfect!!

tonight my friend from florida comes into town and tommorow night my girlfriends from high school are in. needless to say, party time. but you know what i realized? there is always something and as long as i can be good the other days of the week and step up my gym time, i think i will be just fine :) i think i probably have about 10 flex points left for the week :)

i brought a lean pocket for lunch and it's calling my name.
later taters

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