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Monday, February 26, 2007

45 minute run :-O

i ran for not 25 mins like i planned....
i ran for 45 minutes!!

woooo!! i can't believe it. i was going to stop at 40 but i thought 45 minutes would sound a lot better haha :) i wasn't tired at all, i didn't feel like i was on the verge of passing out, it felt...wow i'm going to say it...good to keep running.

that's my good news for the night. i'm off to find those
100 calorie hostess cupcakes :)

side note: i weighed myself at the gym. 130. hmm. at home: 134.5. soooo i don't see how that all works. WHY do i care about the scale so much??

1 comment:

Salma Gundi said...

I am very impressed by the 45 minutes :) You'll have to post and say whether or not the soreness ever showed up.

Gl on the cupcakes!