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Thursday, February 01, 2007

still stuck at 134 :\

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that's me...if you believe it, it will come.

my ultimate goal was to make 130 by my birthday. i currently have 8 days to make that happen....to lose 4 lbs. doesn't seem realistic but hey, i'm going to try.

i've been noticing a pattern when i read over past blogs...i do really well during the week, i go to the gym, stay OP. but the weekends sabotage my efforts. by monday i'm up 2 or 3 lbs of water weight. it's always back to normal by thursday or friday but that isn't good enough. i'm not actually going anywhere. it's like running on the treadmill. you're running 2 miles but you're not actually going anywhere. that's how my weight loss feels. and i don't know if it's my scale or not. my bf weighed himself on it and was like "WHOA...that is not right" and later weighed himself at the gym and said he weighed 5 lbs less. so i don't know. it may be time to chuck the old scale?

today i'm doing week 6, day 2 of couch potato.
-jog 10 minutes
-walk 3 minutes
-jog 10 minutes

sounds easy enough...and fast...i will probably stay on the treadmill to get 30-45 minutes in. tuesday i did 60, so why not try that again? i may do 45 and then do some strength training. i need to start doing that more.

i have 3 weddings to go to this year (i'm a bridesmaid in one!! YEA!!). i have a beautiful dress, which will be showing off my arms. i would love for them to look toned...or have some sort of definition. we will see!!

i saw smokin' aces last night with my bf. it was good, kind of gorey but good! i would give it 4 stars. alicia keys did a really good job, i didn't know if i would believe her as an actress. the girl she played along side of, from hustle and flow did a really good job.

bye for now!

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