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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

eat more, weigh less?

so i've posted about this before and wondered if i'm not eating enough. i usually stay within 15-18 points a day (i'm allotted 20). when i go to the gym, i knock off about 5 activity points and then try to eat as much as i can before bedtime. well...i'm in a rut. not really losing weight (according to my evil scale). i've reached the inevitable...the DIET PLATEAU :(

i was bitching about it to my sister this morning on my way to work. she said she eats ALL of her points everday. i said i don't always do that AND i only eat flex points on the weekend. she has diagnosed me with "underpoint eating syndrome" or UES. haha...but seriously, this week i am determined to eat all 20 points a day. i know i've said that before, but i lied. i never really followed through.

today its only 1:30 and i've already had...10 points! WOW. look at me go. i'm going to be having an apple, weight watchers chocolate cake AND maybe even some pudding later...hopefully my scale will budge by the end of the week.

did i mention i need a new scale? i'm getting one tonight...or tommorow.

gym tonight: 25 minutes of running...maybe more? & strength training: arms


Salma Gundi said...

When I hit a plateau, one of the things that helped me was eating more calories, and eating a higher level of protein.

I don't really understand WW points, but I hope that eating more of them during a day helps you break on through. Good luck!

metamorphose said...

I bet your sister's right. I hope it works out for you as well!

kelly said...

i definitely ate more than usual yesterday...and then some. here we go weight loss, i'm ready for you.

i do need a new scale though, i don't trust mine.