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Monday, February 26, 2007

you say potato, i say potato

so today is week 7, day 2 of couch potato. i will be dragging my butt to the gym after work. my schedule has changed from 8-4 to 9-5 in the past couple of weeks. i definitely like the extra hour of sleep but i really miss getting out earlier and getting to the gym at 4:15. it's a huge difference. there are twice as many people there around 5.

i don't like working out with people in close vicinity to me. because, ew, sometimes you can smell other people's sweat. and of course sometimes people release gases that i'm not trying to be that close to. one day i would love to have my own treadmill and elliptical machine. it would be oh so nice :) maybe when i get my own place.

okay...enough about me. i had corner bakery for lunch and it was delicious:
10oz tortilla soup (no tortillas) - 4 points & a turkey sandwich on multigrain with only mustard and a little packet of mayo - 4 points = delicious, very filling 8 point lunch that i am still full from. usually i don't eat that many points for lunch unless i am going to the gym later, its a huge motivator to go!!

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