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Monday, February 12, 2007

birthday weekend bloat

monday morning alarm = back to reality. my birthday weekend was a lot of fun. i ate, drank and slept a lot. i wasn't counting points but i know i went over this weekend. and that's okay. i am back on track today and it's that time of month: PMS time. the week before when all i want to do is eat! today i've had toast, 100 calorie popcorn pack and lots of cough drops so i'm doing okay. i really want some sort of soup for lunch. i don't know what they have in the cafeteria today but i'm going to check it out.

wednesday, valentine's day, my boyfriend is taking me to the melting pot. i know the nutritionals/points for that place are probably horrible, so i don't even want to know. it's not a normal occurence, i don't eat there every week so i'm going to splurge :) this weekend my friend from florida and my friends from home are coming for the weekend, so that night will probably be full of empty calories. oh well, i'm young, i'm not going to completely deprive myself but i am going to try to be good the other days of this week!

it's suppossed to snow pretty bad tommorow...snow day? :)

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