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Monday, February 05, 2007

no way: I RAN for 30 minutes straight! yes, me!


i ran for 30 minutes straight :) i finished week 6 of couch potato. i thought running for 20 minutes straight last week was hard and I DID IT! it feels so good to say that.

it was only suppossed to be a 25 minute run but i ran for the entire cooldown! woo! it felt great! maybe it was all the munching i did today but i definitely felt like i could have kept going. this is so huge for me, i feel like a runner now. like i belong with the cool kids on the treadmill.

the funniest part was halfway through, around the 11 minute marker, i was feeling like i wanted to stop. but then i started thinking about my stepmom who just lost her dad, i need to celebrate the things i am able to do. i need to live in the now. i need to push myself to be better. to go further. to run faster. as cliche as that all may sound, it really was inspirational.

all of the sudden this girl got on the treadmill next to me, a girl who was in my sorority. probably 110 pounds, tiny little girl. she starts running at 6.5 (i'm going 4.8) and runs for maybe 5 minutes and then stops and gets off the treadmill. she didn't see me next to her, i don't think she even looked. but i felt like i had totally blown her out of the water and it felt great!!

as far as meeting my points, i am definitely on target. right now i'm on 17 points and i'm suppossed to go meet my boyfriend for ONE beer to visit our friend who is bartending.

food find:

boca breaded *SPICY* chicken patty - 3 points

YUM! i had this for dinner on a wheat bun with fat free american cheese and light mayo - 5 points total :) it was definitely delicious and the spice was key, i loved it! had a glass of wine with dinner and a weight watchers ice cream cone.

will weigh myself tmw...i weighed the same when i got home from the gym as i did this morning. that doesn't sound right to me.

why am i so obsessed with the scale? my jeans were loose yesterday, i had to keep pulling them up! but that scale has so much power over me for some reason. GRR!

did anyone see oprah today? people looking younger than their age. wow, very motivating to stay fit!

1 comment:

metamorphose said...

I think I might just have to have a Boca burger, myself. Looks yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog -and congrats on going for a full 30 minutes straight! No easy feat!