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Thursday, February 08, 2007

double your fiber, double your fun?

food find: arnold's double fiber bread

my roommate bought this and i had a slice yesterday for breakfast with some sugar free jelly. 1 slice of thick grainy bread = 1 point! it was really good. i'm going to have to stop "borrowing" it from her and buy some :)

tommorow is my birthday and i am sad to say i did not make my goal of 130...unless 4 pounds fall off between now and then. oh well, i tried and i did run for 30 minutes straight which is a huge victory for me!!

last night i went to dinner for my boyfriend's birthday, we're two days apart. AWWW. i love him so much. anyway, went to cheesecake factory with his family. it was my first time there but i tried to do a little research before i went and found that one piece of their cheesecake is 19-23 points! yikes. it's a good thing i don't really like cheesecake. i was happy to see in their HUGE menu that they had a "weight management" section...haha. i heard that the chicken oriental salad or whatever it is called is like 1000 calories so i stayed away from that. i ordered:

the cheesecake factory's weight management spicy chicken salad
grilled chicken with spices on the outside
pico de gallo
(came with rice but i said no rice)
spicy balsamic dressing on the side
grilled jalapeno peppers

i'm guessing it was maybe 5 points for the whole thing? i used very little dressing but i think the peppers were cooked in butter or oil? it was good, i wouldnt go there for it but it was a healthy option. i did try my boyfriends miso salmon and OH MY GOODNESS it was maybe the best salmon i've ever had. it was served over white rice with a thick creamy miso sauce. i had a little bit of sauce on my bite (factored that into my 5 points).

it was funny though, i tried to order all quietly and when they brought my food the server says "who had the WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CHICKEN SALAD?" haha...my boyfriend's sister asked me why i'm even dieting. i love hearing that but i still want to lose 10 lbs :) hopefully by this summer. i seem to lose weight slowly....so that is a better goal right? haha

today starts week 7 of couch potato. i can't believe i've been doing it for almost 2 months! it will be my last workout of the week, i am doing NOTHING tommorow (took the day off) and eating WHATEVER i want. well, in moderation of course.

we're going to benihana's for our joint birthday dinner tommorow, i can't wait! i'm getting a drink out of one of these mugs, maybe they will put red wine in it for me? i hope they make the rice into the shape of a heart :) next week for valentine's day we're going to the melting pot. YIKES! oh well, i'll figure that out next week.

anna nicole smith died? that is so odd, i wonder what happened?

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metamorphose said...

Wha? Anna Nicole Smith died? Huh? I hadn't heard. Whoa.

I think those last 4 pounds might end up being the hardest to lose. If you lose them too quickly, they'll only come back just as quick. As great as it would be to make goal by your birthday, I think you should just enjoy your b-day and not worry about that number so much.

Keep up the good work, and in case I'm not able to stop by tomorrow, Happy Birthday!!!