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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

60 minutes

yay me :o)

i started week 6, day 1 of couch potato.
day 1 calls for:
-18 minutes of running (i do 4.9mph)
-11 minutes of brisk walking (3.5mph)
THEN i stayed on the treadmill for an extra 30 minutes walking uphill at 3.5mph
= 60 minutes!! :)

my scale has gone up (136...boo!!) since my ski trip so i'm trying to work extra hard :) i made roni's spaghetti squash lasagna tonight for dinner...used less sauce (because i ran low) and it wasn't as watery. my spaghetti squash was a little off though. but it's definitely a yummy 3 points dinner!!

i didn't eat as much today at work as i usually do. i've been kind of stressed out, maybe thats why? i don't know....sometimes i like my job and sometimes i think my boss is just using me to do busy work and blowing smoke up my ass. oh well, enough about that.

i tried the sugar-free cinnamon rolls!! my bf and i made them before we left on our ski trip and they were yummy! i couldn't tell much of a difference. i left them in the fridge and want to heat one up for breakfast tommorow.

plan for the week
tuesday: couch potato week 6 day 1 -- DONE!
thursday: couch potato week 6 day 2, happy hour possibly with my friend
fri/sat: taking it easy, maybe a glass of wine or two
sunday: workout 45-60 minutes before superbowl, stay low on points until then, make healthy appetizers :)

AND no dipping into flex points until sunday!

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