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Friday, March 09, 2007

kelly: 1 birthday cake: 0

i did not eat the cake. it looked gross to begin with. REALLY thick white icing and yellow dough. that is not my kind of birthday cake so why waste the points? if it were chocolate/chocolate or chocolate frosting/yellow cake then maybe i would have taken a bite.

it's sad that no one even thinks to bring a healthy option to a birthday celebration. and it's also sad that people try to force their bad food decisions on you when you are trying to be strong. it's almost like they need you to eat the crap so that they don't feel as bad for eating the crap. i like the control of saying no in these cases.

now, when faced with delicious fried sushi, that is a whole other story!


metamorphose said...

I admit, I'm terrible when it comes to "enabling" -in the sense that I know my friend is trying to lose weight and I'm like, "let's go out to eat!" I'm trying harder though.

That cake sounds gross.

S C, aka Tubby said...

My co-workers are always bringing in yummy foods I can't have. Congrats on resisting the cake!

I agree, birthday parties (any parties, for that matter) really should have some sort of healthier options. For some reason, people always think they have to celebrate with the worst foods possible (not that I haven't been guilty of this).

TrixieBelden said...

Congrats on resisting the cake! I know what you mean when you say it just wasn't worth it. It is tough for other people to watch you not eat anything when they are diving in. It always made me feel self-conscious when I ate the cake. But that was my problem, not anyone else's. Do what is right for you!