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Monday, March 26, 2007

what a difference a week makes!

so if you recall i was doing the low carb thing last week. during the week (mon-fri) i didn't eat any bread, i did eat fruit and i drank a few glasses of wine. during the week i went from 137 (which i admit was mostly water weight) down to 132 on saturday. it was amazing. since i'm usually 134, i would say that i have lost 2 lbs. i indulged in some carbs over the weekend but here i am, back on track and no breads for this girl this week!!

i finally feel like its starting to work. i'm starting to "look skinny". my roommate, my sister, my coworkers and my boyfriend have all made comments this week about how i look skinny. yesterday my roommate said, "i meant to tell you earlier, you look really good, how much weight have you lost?" ... maybe its me, but that may be one of the best feelings in the world. i think its just a sense of accomplishment more than anything else. that my hard work is paying off. that my point counting and daily trips to the grocery store are working! :) yay!
i hate to keep talking about myself, but....i'm going to. haha! i went to a bridal shower saturday and went to put on an outfit i wore to my graduation last year. size 4 white pants from banana republic and a pretty navy blue & white top from ann taylor loft. both were snug, the top was snug in the chest and the pants just didn't fit. so i went to try them on and they slipped right on, and zipped, no problem! woo!!!

okay enough about me....

what do you use for motivation? a pair of jeans, a dress? a smaller size?


Weight Master said...

That's great! Congrats.

Tigerlilly said...

YEAH!!! It must be so rewarding to hear that zipper zip right up!! I cant wait. Still planning on fitting into my outfit for my FIL's June wedding.

I was going to do the no carb thing.. but it scares me a little. Do you not worry about gaining it all back fast when you start introducing carbs back into your diet? Maybe I'm just to addicted to lasagna to really do it!! LOL

Congrats again.. and stay strong!!

kelly said...

tigerlilly: i don't do no carbs, i do low carb. so basically chicken, veggies, seafood, low fat cheese, and i do fruits too. it really isn't that bad, and i almost feel lighter without the bread. it also keeps me fuller.

i know, i have heard that after people go back to carbs they gain it back. but im going to play with carbs and see how many i can eat without gaining, ya know? take it one week at a time. i would try and it and see how you like it :) change things up a bit