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Thursday, March 22, 2007

one thirty four

back down to 134!! nice! size 4 work pants, feelin looser. this low carb thing seems to be working.

i am getting sick of eating eggbeaters every day for breakfast but i can see a light at the end of the tunnel. i just want to drop a few more lbs sometime soon. i've been going back and forth between 134 and 136 for the past 2 months. come on fat, fall off already!!

went to the gym last night, i'm still feeling kind of low energy bc of this low carb thing. i ran for 15 mins, walked for 10 uphill and hit the elliptical for 5. i just wasn't feeling the gym last night. i need to hit up the red bull before i go next time. i'm thinking i might head back tmw.

so, sanjaya seems to be sticking around on AI. strange. i feel for him though, he looks like such a genuinely nice kid, he just can't sing. he reminds me of that guy last season, chicken little. he really didn't have that great of a voice and he lasted so long. good for him.

almost friday :) this weekend should be pretty mellow. i have a bridal shower to go to which will probably mean appetizers, wine, and maybe champagne? i plan on going for a run before hand.

all this bridal stuff! i guess i'm getting to that age where everyone is settling down. going to all of these wedding events and buying all of these presents seems to be a running theme in my life lately. don't get me wrong, i love the excitement of it all. but it's starting to become a little bit much, i have 3 more wedding to go to this year. which means 2 engagement parties, 3 bridal showers, 2 more bachelorette parties, and a rehearsal dinner. GEEZ.

i'm a bridesmaid in one wedding. the dresses are from jcrew...so it's going to be a very beachy/low key feel to it. but according to my friends who already bought the dress, its tight in the chest. my one friend wears a size 4 and she had to buy a size 8. i wear a size 4/6 so i'm thinking a 10? why does that number bother me so much? i know what size i am but it seems like wearing that number will just make me feel fat. no offense to the size 10s but ive never worn a 10. i'm a small framed person for the most part.

why do sizes matter so much??

oh well...i'm rambling about weddings. off to a meeting!

breakfast: eggbeaters (ehhhh) & turkey bacon
snack: brocoli
lunch: leftover salmon, mushrooms & brocoli/cauliflower medley
snack: apple?
dinner: no clue yet?


Tigerlilly said...

Its amazing isn't it? How our feelings seem to base themselves on what size we can fit out butts into? LOL. I just wrote on my blog how happy I was that my size 18's kept falling off yesterday! It made me happy all day long.. but really what should have been making me happy everyday was the fact that I have been committed to losing the weight.. and am losing weight!!

Anyway, I dont mean to ramble on your comment page! :)

I know what you mean about weddings. I have three weddings coming up too! April, June and August... ugh.. as long as I can stay away from the cake.. and champaign.. I'll be alright! LOL

jodi said...

i would suggest having your measurements taken before ordering the dress - that way you can get the size you need... i think they always run small anyway so i wouldn't worry about what the tag says - who cares... ;o)

and great job on low-carbing! :o)

metamorphose said...

Props to the low carbs! I need to get back on low carbs.

I agree with Jodi. Make sure you get measured. Jealous it's a J. Crew dress though. I bet it'll be simple and classy...unlike the rejected prom horrors I've worn as a bridesmaid.

This may seem like marriage season/time for you...sadly, in a few years, it'll be divorce time for a lot of people (hopefully not your friends.) At least you don't have to buy them a present then. heh heh. Me so naughty.

Weight Master said...

I think you're doing great. Sometimes a certain dieting program, like a strictly low-carb diet, aren't good in the long run.