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Monday, March 05, 2007

one hundred

one hundred things you didn't know about me
(fill one out yourself and let me know your blog address!!)

1. I'm 5'2 and the shortest person in my immediate family. Even my 16 year old brother passed me up years ago.
2. I love ice cream
3. I collect handbags: Coach, Louis Vuitton, love it all
4. My first boyfriend in 4th grade asked me out on the playground and we never spoke again.
5. I have lived in 5 states
6. I was painfully shy growing up
7. My hair won't grow past the middle of my back
8. I am blind as a bat and really want Lasik
9. I need a new job
10. My coworkers voice gets under my skin
11. I have my belly button pierced
12. I want to marry my boyfriend one day
13. I am afraid of having kids, because it will hurt
14. My mom and sister are my best friends
15. I have dual citizenship: USA & Ireland because my grandparents were both born there.
16. My parents divorced and remarried. I now have a baby brother and a baby sister
17. I could eat Mexican food every day and never get sick of it
18. People always want to know "What I am"
19. I'm Mexican & Irish
20. I miss waiting tables, it was more fun than my current "real" job
21. I was an IT major and a business minor in college
22. I am not a nerd and have nothing in common with anyone I work with
23. I was Carmen San Diego for Halloween in 2003.
24. College was more fun than high school but high school was still pretty awesome
25. I am horrible at taking nail polish off and my sister tells me if I'm not old enough to take it off, I'm not old enough to put it on
26. My hair is really shiny...thanks Mom
27. My boyfriend and I were born two days apart
28. I love any and all cheese....even stinky cheese
29. I love red wine: Cabernet Sauv, Zinfandel (Red), Syrah
30. I was always the single girl in my group of friends until I met my boyfriend of 1.5 years
31. I have the most perfect, amazing boyfriend, I want to spend my life with him
32. I read blogs all day at work
33. I love my bed and could lay in it all day
34. I used to be very crabby in the mornings, but I changed with age and now I'm happy and sometimes...perky!
35. I have a Motorola KRZR phone, it's very cute
36. I am really bad at spending money at restaurants/bars
37. When I get drunk I get really generous and will pay people's tabs or buy them lots of drinks
38. My favorite accessory is the set of diamond earrings my mom gave me for graduation
39. I love reciting funny movie/tv quotes with my family
40. I am very punctual and get annoyed when people are late
41. I can be a very aggressive driver
42. I love celebrity gossip blogs: Perezhilton.com, dlisted.com, etc.
43. I feel bad for Britney Spears
44. I can type over 100 words per minute
45. I can't play any instruments but wish I were a singer
46. I have a horrible singing voice
47. I love rap, hip-hop and even took a class on it in college
48. I accidentally farted in my cubicle today and it was VERY loud. I'm still embarassed
49. I don't know what I want to be when I "grow up"
50. My favorite movies: Clueless, Mean Girls, Anchorman, The Wedding Crashers, Breakfast at Tiffany
51. I was Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's last Halloween
52. I think I am very creative and can think of ideas really quickly
53. I have 3 pairs of stilettos that I've never worn but they're so pretty, I just like having them
54. I want a pair of Citizen or True Religion jeans but only if they are size 28
55. I am at a weight loss plateau
56. I can run for 45 minutes straight without stopping
57. I just started running in December 2006
58. I love the Food Network and watch it ALL the time
59. I rarely cook but when I do I get good reviews
60. I hope my roommates aren't home when I get home from work, sometimes I need to be alone
61. I am going to miss my sister when we're no longer roommates
62. I really want an English bulldog....or a miniature English Bulldog
63. I've had stitches three times
64. I feel better about myself when I am at a certain weight or size
65. I still like my body either way and think i'm sexy
66. For a while there, I was addicted to this game at work:
67. I have big boobs for my size and wish they were smaller. they've been big since 4th gade
68. When I got my wisdom teeth out I didn't think it hurt
69. I love Taco Bell and I'm not afraid to admit it
70. I have expensive taste
71. I love to accessorize
72. I don't want to live where I live anymore but I would miss my boyfriend too much if I left
73. I miss my family
74. I created a gymnastics website when I was 12 years old and it reached over 500,000 visitors. I never told anyone except my family because I thought that was nerdy.
75. I like web design but I'm not really into the nerdy side of computers
76. I am going to be a bridesmaid for the first time this August
77. I think the dress is pretty ugly but I can't tell my friend that
78. I want to get a tattoo but I don't know what I want it of
79. I can watch TLC and E! for hours and not get bored
80. I've seen every episode of Sex and the City about 3 times
81. I want to own my own clothing boutique
82. I have no idea how you would start your own business
83. I won a shopping spree to Sanrio Surprise when I was 12
84. I never been very athletic but I feel like I can hold my own now
85. I'm running out of things to say
86. I wish I were a little bit taller
87. I have small wrists & feet
88. I love making people laugh
89. My sister's 25 lb cat lives with us, he's like a small dog
90. I'm scared of throwing up
91. I love kissing
92. I was in a sorority but quit after 3 years
93. I never lived in a dorm
94. I love potato pancakes that my Nana & Papa make
95. I want to travel the world
96. I can't wait to get engaged but I don't want to grow up too fast
97. I like golfing
98. I like to make people happy
99. I can be very stubborn
100. I have a Sony VAIO laptop, it's very cute


Anonymous said...

If you love celebrity blogs, you should try http://celebritydogwatcher.com :)

TrixieBelden said...

that was so much fun to read. #28 about cheese made me think of this random question my friend kathleen used to ask people when we were out drinking and meeting random people (back in my younger years), if you could only eat 3 cheeses for the rest of your life, and give up all the others, which ones would you choose?

kelly said...

i tried to give up cheese for lent last year and failed miserably. i eat it every day, its a staple in my diet :)

metamorphose said...

ugh. my comment got lost! I'll repeat myself:

#48 -that happened to me the other day. Soo embarrassing.

I want lasik too. So sick of contacts and glasses. What a chore.

kelly said...

haha....i was so stunned, i started moving paper clips and stuff around to try and recreate the noise. but i was unsuccessful....thank god no one said anything.