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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

cupcake success & 137.5

do you want the good news or the bad news first? (i never know which to pick when people ask me this)

the good news: my wonderful sister found the 100 calorie hostess cupcakes!! YAY! i screamed with delight when she told me this. she said she made such a fuss in the grocery store that two other people came over and picked some up. haha. she has them at her office and we're going to do the old switcheroo at lunch time. i will definitely let you know if they live up to the hype.

the bad news: i gained, again! AH! yesterday it was 137, which pissed me off. today: 137.5. and i was PERFECT yesterday. could have standed to drink more water but i was 19 out of 20 points for the whole day. how annoying. but, i will turn it into motivation and push through. i'm going to the gym tonight to do week 8, day 1 of couch potato. i'm not sure that i'm actually doing it anymore because i've been running more than the required time, but i just want to say i finished it.

last night, by the request of my BF i made turkey tacos again! there really isn't much to it but i buy the spicy taco seasoning. his roommates and sister both said they were delicious. gee, why thank you :)

does anyone else LOVE the food network? i'm obsessed. my favs: 30 minute meals, 40 dollars a day, barefoot contessa, paula dean, anything with bobby flay and of course iron chef. i'm not a fan of giada because i feel like she trys too hard to do the fake italian accent & she's way too skinny to eat the food she cooks and don't care for semi homemade with sandra lee because she just seems like a nutcase and her food never looks that delicious.

back to the j-o-b...

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jodi said...

i LOVE the foodnetwork too and its hard to find a night where i don't have 30-minute meals on in the background when i get home from work... i love ina garten and giada is growing on me - she has a huge head but i like her simple recipes... and it will take me a while before sandra lee is less annoying to watch - her changing kitchens kill me... like who has the time for that?!?! :-)

kelly said...

i totally agree...i have 30 minute meals on right after work, i love it! i wish i knew how to chop onions & garlic like rachel ray, she makes it look so easy.

sandra lee has too many theme meals/outfits/recipes/kitchen, she has way too much time on her hand. i read on one blog that they think she's an alcoholic haha...because she always has some sort of alcoholic beverage thrown in, i think that is one of the better parts of the show!!

metamorphose said...

I heart the Barefoot Contessa! I have a love/hate relationship with Giada myself.

kelly said...

i love watching people make really "bad for you" food...i live vicariously through them.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the sandra lee comment and have oyu noticed that she really likes the bottle...hiccup...and the italian girls voice goes right through me......ugh...by the way love your blog....