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Thursday, March 08, 2007

mid day munchies

hey my lovely blog readers

i just got home from work and i have the munchies! i did what i normally do, steam brocoli and eat a BUNCH of it with spray butter of course. usually it fills me up, but it's not working today. i am meeting my sister & her friend for sushi at 7 but i am just so munchy right now. grrrrrr calm down stomach

i thought i would write a quick blog to keep my fingers busy and keep myself away from the kitchen.

what is everyone's favorite sushi? i'm kind of scured when it comes to trying new sushi. but i do pride myself on how i will try ANYTHING once. i've had alligator tail, duck, frog legs, the works! usually for sushi i stick with california rolls, salmon rolls, nigiri with shrimp. i'm scared of eel and octopus and all that stuff, i need to branch out. suggestions welcomed!! :)

tonight i'm getting miso soup & one california roll & one salmon something or other. yum, i'm hungry just thinking about it....

and a quick hello to everyone who leaves me comments! i love them, they brighten up my BORING workday for sure.


S C, aka Tubby said...

I've always been too scared to try sushi at all. I loooove miso soup, though. I also buy the packets of it at the grocery store. One serving/packet only has 35 calories!

You're going to think I'm some soup fanatic. That's okay, I kind of am.

Anyway, hope you have a good weekend!

Living to Feel Good said...

I stick to california rolls which I guess isn't real sushi. I tried tuna rolls twice. The first time I gagged them down. I decided I didn't like the texture, then several months later I tried them again. That time they were okay, but I just stick to the california rolls. Those I actually love.

BTW I love broccoli with the butter spray, and I use season salt. SO yum!

Have a good weekend! :D

KL said...

I absolutely LOVE sushi. I think I've tried just about everything. My favorite is eel, especially when it's called barbecued eel. I can handle the taste of octopus, but it has a really rubbery texture that I don't like. If you've ever had calamari, it's like that, except with eating a bag of rubber bands at the same time.
I also really like anything tempura like shrimp or vegetables. I like things like spider rolls and what's usually called super crunch.
Thanks for the comment on my page!

kelly said...

last night i think there was eel in the rockstar roll or whatever it was called. it was pretty good.

calamari is good but i don't like stuff that is too chewy. the tempura rolls i had last night were sinfully delicious!! :)

metamorphose said...

Tempura is always yummy. And rolls with cream cheese. mmmmm