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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

low carbs: day 2

low carbs: day 2!

hello hello :) so i anxiously stepped on the scale this morning, scared to see a gain after the bad choices i made this past weekend. HOORAY! 135! nice. especially since i am PMSing.

so yesterday i did the low carb thing. didn't eat any breads or sweets. i did eat an apple but hey, those are good carbs right? today has been good so far, i didnt really prepare myself though. i need to go grocery shopping and stock up on low carb options. i'm only going to do the no bread thing this week i think and see if that helps me get over this damn plateau!! i want to stay low on carbs and still do my WW points.

yesterdays menu:
breakfast - scrambled egg beaters with veggies
snack - apple
lunch - salad with chicken & veggies & egg whites - lemon & hot sauce for a dressing
snack - brocoli...lots of brocoli
dinner - kelly's chicken: chicken breast, spinach, laughing cow garlic & herb cheese, sauteed mushrooms & red wine

going to the gym tonight to get back on track with my running. i want to do at least 30 mins on the treadmill. hope everyone has a wonderful day! american idol is on tonight....can't wait to see melinda, laquisha & my new fav, jordin sparks. when she sang the song from the land before time last week it took me back to being a little kid and LOVING that movie :)


Weight Master said...

Good job. I enjoy AI also, but I've kinda lost interest in it this year. I thought Sundance was one of the best. I like Jordan and Laquisha. I think Melinda is a great singer, but I think her extremely humble attitude is phony. I hate for them to be conceded, but Melinda knows shes great or else she would not've made it this far. She can be humble and confident. I just think she's phony. Ok and I know everyone agrees, because my opinion is always right. Just kidding.

jodi said...

good luck with low carbing - even though i did atkins a few years back, i doubt i could give up bread again... and i got sick of eggs really quick... :-p