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Monday, March 12, 2007

i love me some carbs

another beautiful day, i love this weather!!

last night my dinner turned out okay. i used whole wheat pasta & sauteed sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms & chicken in "Pam Extra Virgin Olive Oil" spray. I then put 3 wedges of laughing cow cheese and a big chunk of fat free sour cream into the pasta, mixed it up and added the sauteed goodies. It was a little dry, not as cheesy as i wanted. it was good though! it was lacking seasoning i think.

i am marinating a chicken breast but i think i will eat that tmw since tonight i'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend....after the gym of course.

scale: 136. who knows at this point. i'm wearing my size 4 work pants and they're definitely looser than the last time i wore them. i guess i'm plateauing. i did pretty well this weekend but i definitely could have standed to not eat as many tortilla chips as i did. but thats okay...

like i said, gym tonight. i think im going to do the elliptical and call it a night.

so i stocked up at the grocery store on weight watchers bagels (according to the bag: 2 pts) and weight watchers seedless rye bread (allegedly 1 pt = 2 slices). at least those are the points listed on the bag. in reality the bagel is 150 calories so that should be, what, 2.9 points? that is not the same as 2 points! i'm glad i am an informed weight watcher but that is false advertising!! the seedless rye bread is 100 calories (with fiber and all that good stuff...but still not 1.0 points for 2 slices) pretty yummy and definitely around 1.9 points as well. i am ignoring the points on those bags. i had it as toast this morning and then again for a sandwich at lunch. i need to lay off the carbs.

i also tried the hellman's dijonaise that hungry girl is always raving about. it was okay. just a spicier mustard. i thought it would taste more like mayo but at 5 calories a serving you really can't go wrong.

back to "work"... :)


Sonya said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad I found your's. And thanks for referring me to Roni's page - what an inspiration!

I'll definitely be back here. Hope C25K is going well!

Weight Master said...

The food sounded great. I love anything with chicken--almost. Work hard 2nite. I like the elliptical. It seems to work me harder than the other cardio machines.

Living to Feel Good said...

OMG that meal you described sounds soooOOoo good!
Have you tried the Western Bagel Company bagels? They are only 1pt if you get the alternative ones. I think they taste much better than the WW ones. Just my opinion. :)

jodi said...

i've learned to always calculate my points instead of going by what the bag/container says... one never knows, right...

i don't think i could live w/out carbs, they are my friend... :-)

kelly said...

i need to try those western bagels, which flavor is the best.

jodi: carbs and i, we're in love :)