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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

kelly's chicken

hello hello!

i don't know if you've been to bonefish grill which is owned by outback, but they have some pretty delicious food :) before i started dieting again i used to order something called lily's chicken.

lily's chicken
fire roasted chicken topped with chevre goat cheese, wilted spinach, spanish artichokes and a lemon basil sauce

it is absolutely delish! very creamy and cheesy and overall, a very fatty, high calorie food.

well, i just so happened to recreate this little piece of chicken and i like to call it...wait for it...creative juices flowing...KELLY'S CHICKEN

hehe. it was SO SO SO good and so similar.

kelly's chicken
a george foreman grilled chicken breast topped with microwaved frozen spinach, sauteed mushrooms and 2 wedges of garlic & herb laughing cow cheese.

hehe ;) it sounds weird but it tastes exactly the same and it's only four points!! i microwaved frozen spinach, threw some chicken on the foreman grill, sauteed some mushrooms and when everything was cooked i spread 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese on the chicken, topped it with spinach, sprayed the spinach with a little spray butter and added the mushrooms. if you try anything i've ever told you to try, please try this. trust me. it was so yummy, i can't get over how creamy it was. (it was almost too creamy, i couldn't finish it all.)

in other lily news...i have tickets to see lily allen next month, i'm so excited :) did i mention i have a sister named lily? okay, i will stop.

didn't workout yesterday but i did go for a jog in the beautiful weather today. everyone was out there! alright, over to my boyfriends for the night. try kelly's chicken, i promise you won't be disappointed :)


metamorphose said...

Ooh jealous about the Lily Allen show!

And you know what? I'm very tempted to try Kelly's Chicken. It sounds simple enough for me to make. And tasty! Thanks for the tip!

Weight Master said...

Sounds wonderful. I think I'll try it.