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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

we're going down down

work it! work it! 134.5 on the scale this morning. must have been water weight yesterday. i was getting scared for a minute there, i thought i was headed right back up the scale. nice to know that a little bit of hard work actually does pay off.

so about the cupcakes. they are....delicious. definitely worth the wait. they're smaller than i thought they would be but i'll take them. they're 1.3 points for 3 i think. they're about the size of a half dollar & maybe a little more than a half an inch high. they are moist, delicious and the cream in the middle is great! i think they taste EXACTLY like the real deal and i love how much fiber they have in them! so, this will be the end of my cupcake posts...they are definitely on the grocery list from now on :)

besides that, not much else is new. i'm proud of myself for going to the gym last night. my dad and i were talking about my new found "love" of running and he's an avid runner. he said to try to run faster, slowly increase my speed. last night i started out going faster than normal and i think thats why i cramped up. part of me wanted to stop and just walk the rest of the way but i really had a desire to start week 8 of couch potato. i ran for 30 mins though, took two short, 2 minute walking breaks.

dinner last night was at bonefish grill. has anyone eaten there? they bring out a bread basket and olive oil to dip. i didn't have any! the girl who was waiting on us was in my sorority so i told her to make sure there was no butter or grease on my salmon or veggies. and it came out great. a little on the dry side (i like my salmon cooked medium and this was probably well done)....i squeezed lemon on it and saved half of it for dinner tonight.

hope everyone is having a great week! its snowing here...but hopefully it won't stick.

i'm ready for spring!!

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metamorphose said...

Whoo-hoo! You're doing awesome!