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Monday, March 19, 2007

low carb lifestyle?

so i am back from my fantastic girls weekend in savannah, georgia! we went down for my friend's bachelorette party/st. patrick's day celebration. savannah is crazy on st. patrick's day, it's the biggest celebration in the country. we had a lot of fun.

on the weight front:....well....bloated. i ate some crap this weekend: pizza, crabcake, beer, french fries, you get the picture. we only ate twice a day, so it wasn't THAT bad. but it definitely wasn't what i'm used to eating and i have the heart burn to prove it.

i haven't weighed myself and i'm not going to until wednesday. i know im bloated and seeing a higher number will make me sad. plus, TOTM is right around the corner. i'm going to try to eat less carbs i think. i did the south beach diet 3 years ago and lost a lot of weight. i think lately my meals are consisting of mostly carbs and i need to cut back.

for breakfast i had scrambled egg beaters with veggies. i have an apple for a snack later and i know thats a carb but i'm going to do low carb, not NO carb. i think restricting that much is too hard to stick to. i'm not going to the gym today but plan on getting there tmw after work. i was actually at my mom's house last night (2 hours away)...and had to drive back this morning at 6am. i was too tired to keep driving last night.

as far as everything else: i hate my job. i was really dreading coming back to it today. it's so boring and pointless and i feel bad typign this on my work computer, but you know what? it's gotten to the point where i just don't care if they find out. i work at a really good company. and it will look awesome on my resume. so i just need to stick it out i guess and put in a full year. i need to start looking though bc i don't think i should dread coming to work everyday.

alright....time to drink my liter of water.


Sonya said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!!

And yes, think healthy carbs as opposed to "no carbs" - you'll definitely have more energy that way.

Sorry you hate your job - I know the feeling, but I'm on maternity leave so I'm not thinking about it. I hope it gets better.

kelly said...

thanks sonya :) yea, thats the plan. good carbs only! hopefully i can stick with it for a couple of days and then get over this bloat. blah :\