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Friday, March 09, 2007

bad sushi decisions & fake mocha lattes

oops. i was bad last night. and the scale screamed at me this morning. 138. what! ew. whatever. i know i'm so bloated and i really don't even want to admit to what i ate. the plan i set for myself of california & tuna rolls was unsuccessful. we each ordered 2 rolls and then shared everything.

time to fess up (bare in mind i only had 8 points left)...
miso soup
2 california roll pieces
2 philly roll (cream cheese) pieces
4 mexican roll (spicy tuna) pieces
1 spicy tuna roll piece
1 dragon roll piece
4 tempura roll pieces
2 glasses of red wine

as i type all that out, i still can't believe that i ate that much. bare in mind we were there for like an hour or so but still!

the tempura rolls are what made me feel the worst. we didn't even order them, they were complimentary but after the first bite, i had to eat them all. why!? why couldn't i stop myself? maybe because they were lightly fried with some sort of creamy sauce inside aka delicious. you know when you take a bite of something and you just KNOW it's bad. well...there was a lot of that.

anyway, i ate WAY too much. and i'm still feeling it. all i've had this morning is toast & yogurt. today is my boss' birthday so they're having birthday cake. i will NOT under any circumstances be eating any of this. then later we're going to a work happy hour. again, i'm going to try to behave myself and not go overboard with the points.

product find: splenda flavor blends

i found these on sale for $1.20 so i couldn't pass them up. i bought mocha & hazelnut. i added it to my coffee, poured in some skim milk but it didn't have that sweet taste. so i added two regular splendas. i have to say, the mocha is pretty yummy. it's a nice change from regular coffee. kind of tastes like a fake mocha latte i think. good for a chocolate craving!


metamorphose said...

Suuushi. Can't wait for some tonight. Soo good.

S C, aka Tubby said...

Ooh, I'm looking for the flavored Splenda the next time I go grocery shopping!

Linda said...

wow.. i haven't tried these yet. looks yum! i'll keep my eyes peeled next time i'm at the store. thanks!