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Friday, March 23, 2007

miso happy

YES! WOOHOO! the scale has finally budged!
scale: 133

initially i did my personal scale ritual like sonya - strip naked, activate scale. step slowly, one foot. lightly with the other. take a deep breath. concentrate. will the scale to tell me a lower number. repeat 3-4 times depending on consistency of number. hehe :) first it said 131.5 and i knew that was way too low. i had to redo it. 133. then 133 again. so there we have it people. i went from 136 on monday to 133 today (while PMSing) and i think its due to this low carb thing....so far so good :) i just hope it doesn't all come back once i start eating breads again. i know that happens but i'm going to try to stay low cal.

today i tried panera bread's low fat garden vegetable soup. it was yummy and only 90 calories for a serving. it tasted like tomato soup with a lot of veggies thrown in. there were some beans in it but not very many so we're all good on the carb front.

new favorite thing: instant miso soup. just add hot water!! only 35 calories and i'm having it as a mid afternoon snack, its yummy and easy to make at work. i bought mine at safeway.

alright, hope everyone has a great weekend!! toodles poodles! hehe

1 comment:

Sonya said...

LOL - aren't our scale rituals insane? Ah well - whatever works, right?

GREAT WORK ON THE LOSS!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.

And I'm on a real soup kick right now, too. Soup is filling, comforting, and healthy. Yum.