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Monday, March 05, 2007

girls just wanna have fun

so here i am again. the place where i find myself on most mondays. bloated, stomach-achy, and overall regretful of food/drink choices from the weekend before. but hey, at least i am good all week long, i guess where i am right now in my life, that's going to have to be good enough. i don't want to beat myself up for having fun and enjoying my life.

so i'm up 2 lbs. 136. okay i lied. the scale said 137 this morning. oops. so why don't i change the side panel? well because by friday i will probably have dropped the water/beer weight that i acquired this weekend. plus, i just don't want to...you know what they say, denial ain't just a riva... :)

so this week, nothing too crazy planned. one thing is for sure, i will be packing my lunch for the rest of the week. i was forced to eat at the cafeteria today. i loaded up my plate with lots of lettuce, mushrooms, jalapenos, hard boiled egg whites, and 3 slices of grilled chicken. i went over to the salad dressing station. my fat free italian has been replaced with creamy italian. no thank you. i'm not going to eat as many points in dressing as i am in healthy food. so, i thought maybe soy sauce would be good.

and i was wrong.

do not, under any circumstances, use soy sauce as a salad dressing substitute. it only works with sushi & asian cuisine. it was wayyy too salty and kind of gross. actually when it was on the chicken it wasn't bad but on the lettuce, EW!

alright, time to work.
and i still haven't found those damn cupcakes!!

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