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Monday, January 22, 2007

baby, it's cold outside!!

so i didn't really get to post much, except for what i ate last week. i had a busy work week after the holiday. but i am back...finally. this weekend went okay. definitely used up all my flex points. yesterday started my TOTM...so i'm definitely bloated and feeling blah today. oh well, i know it's water weight. i have to say that overall last week was one of my best weeks on the plan. i was a perfect weight watcher.

friday i weighed in at a solid 134!! YEA! i'm ready to start seeing a lower number!

i definitely had my fair share of beverages this weekend but i'm back on track and will cut back on the alcohol. a glass of wine with dinner has always been one of my favorite indulgences.

i'm meeting up with my weight watching sister for lunch at subway, i love that place. i eat it all the time. my wrap is delicious and 4 points!

so far today i've had a kashi bar and an apple!! will post more later.
still on week five of couch potato. did week 5, day 1 over saturday because i don't feel ready yet, tommorow i will attempt week 5, day 2!

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