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Sunday, January 07, 2007

easy like sunday morning!

so i went to the gym today...i was surprised because i usually don't work out on the weekend. i usually go out friday and saturday night and spend the next day recovering...bad i know. but i went today and did the last day of coach potato: week 3 part 2! tuesday i'm going to start week 4.

i found some yummy spring rolls at the grocery store: 3 points for 2. i forget the name of them but they were sold in the regular appetizer frozen food section. they tasted really good!

breakfast/lunch: 2 special k waffles, sugar-free syrup - 3 pts
snack: 100 calorie wheat thins, 2 laughing cow garlic & herb - 3 pts
workout: 50 minutes at the gym: couch potato (30 mins) & then elliptical (20 mins) - subtract 5 pts
snack: trader joe's spicy black bean dip, 8 tostitos light tortilla chips: 2.5 pts
dinner: 2 spring rolls (3) and probably something else...can't decide what i'm hungry for
total so far: 6.5 pts

i think a low carb tortilla with black bean dip and cheese or a light tuna, miracle whip light and mozzarella sandwich will be the rest of my dinner and maybe some veggies

update: the spring rolls are by asian sensations. so good...my boyfriend actually finished off the last 2 (they come in packs of 4) and he loved them. i'm sure i talk his ear off about points but he knows what 3 points means haha. i found them when i was looking for the "health is wealth spring rolls" which are ONE POINT for two of them. i have to search a couple more grocery stores. and i also need to find those la tortilla factory tortillas....

i had a tuna melt for dinner...could have been better...with a different cheese. i used WW bread (1), 1/2 can of tuna (1), 2 tbs miracle whip lite (1) and ff kraft sharp cheddar (1)....so 4 points total and melted it in the toaster oven. a mozzarella or other white cheese would have been better.

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