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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

couch potato week 4: DONE!

went to the gym after work...did my run/walk for couch potato. ran 17 minutes, walked 18. you run in intervals though but i ran for 5 minutes straight, twice! and went an extra minute for cooldown. yea!! i feel like i am getting back on the right track. i have work to do and i'm determined to do it.

day 2 of no drinking! it sounds bad, like i'm an alcoholic. no, i'm just fresh out of college and my friends love the whole "happy hour after work" activity. it started to get out of hand. i told my bf that i'm not drinking until we go skiing (13 days) and he was impressed. then he was like "well i told john we would get a drink with him after work tommorow". so this will be test #1. i'm going to go but i will treat myself to an appetizer or some soup and drink water. show how strong i really can be!! he said "well just have a corona light, you don't have to overdo it" but i want to do it. no alcohol until jan. 27th! go me!

do you like my menu tracker below? i was an IT major with a concentration in web design...but remembering those HTML tags was a little tricky. hehe :) someone was bored at work!!

p.s. i love me some mtv. especially the hills! and i'm tivoing american idol so i can watch it tmw commercial free!

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