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Thursday, January 11, 2007

drink more water!!

i'm here at work and i just went in the kitchen to refill my aquafina liter...as i was carrying it back to my desk i realized that it weighs at least 3 pounds. i may be overestimating that but its not light at all. so my question is...if these pounds of water are going into my body (and yes they do come out, very frequently i might add) then how does that affect weight gain? i know that water weight is caused by the body being dehydrated, so it holds on to all of its water. if you drink more water, the body doesn't have to hold on to as much because it has enough. something like that? anyway...i've been drinking my 8 glasses a day for a couple weeks now. i try to drink it all before lunch time with the hopes that it will fill me up. for every 4 waters i drink here at work, i grab a diet coke.

i'm having subway for lunch today.

it will not look like this bacon stuffed mayonaise wrap that you see above.
kelly's subway wrap
one triangle of american cheese
sweet onion sauce
= 4 points!

and it's delicious, i love it. i used to order lite mayonaise and sweet onion sauce but i find that the sweet onion sauce is enough condiment for me, it's just right. i'm going to the gym after work. i switched schedules with one of my coworkers, just for thursday and friday, so i will be coming in at 8:30-9 on those days and leaving at 5. which means the gym will probably be super crowded tonight but i can usually always find a treadmill.

my knees start to bother me after i sit at my desk all day long. can i really have arthritis at the age of 23? i hope not! they do kind of ache while i'm running too. my younger brothers (ages 21 and 15) both have bad knees (Osgood Schlatters disease) which according to a website i just looked up "is a very common cause of knee pain in children and young athletes. It is a condition where the bony protrusion below the knee (called the tibial tuberosity or tubercle) becomes inflamed, painful and swollen."...you can see it on their knees though. the bone protrudes from the knee cap, it doesn't look gross, just kind of bumpy and bony. it's really painful. both of my brothers are athletic, one is on the JV basketball team and the other is an avid runner...the runner had to cut back on it because of this. i hope that's not the path i'm headed down but i will push through the "pain" and i will complete this couch potato to 5k plan AND run a 5k this year!! WOO!

my weight: 136...but i'm going to go overpoints today and see what happens. the past couple of thursdays, i've lost 2-3 pounds by the next day...so we shall see tommorow!!

UPDATE: i love google. 1 Liters = 2.2045855 Pounds. so i've put on 4.4 pounds of water in the past 8 glasses? haha...i know i havent, but it's interesting to think about

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