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Friday, January 12, 2007


well i just typed about 3 paragraphs and my IE crashed. that's not fun. so this might be more concise.

i weighed myself at the gym last night. 136. after eating all day, drinking water and going for a 2 mile run and 1 mile elliptical session. this morning on my scale: 135. how? i mean, don't you weigh like 3-4 lbs more at night? i just don't get it. my solution: new scale.

i wish that is what i saw this morning: 128. haha. haven't seen that in 2 years. anyway...this is the weight watchers scale at bed, bath, and beyond. it's $59.99 but you know those 20% off coupons are practically forced down your throat everyday by the mailman. so it would be $48. at target it's $49.99 and i have a gift card. hmm...save $1 or use the gift card? hmm. i do hate my scale though. i feel like all other scales are friendly to me, mine hates my guts.

i'm meeting my boyfriend at subway for lunch. i had it yesterday and when he asked me where i wanted to go today i said subway again. he said "haven't you eaten there like 3 times this week"...haha. yes, i do eat there a lot but it's one of my favorite healthy options and it's delicious!

mealplan for today (probably)
breakfast: kashi bar (2.5)
snack: 100 calorie wheat thins (2), string cheese (1)
lunch: subway wrap (4), maybe some baked lays (3)
snack: apple (1)
dinner: lean cuisine or sushi...depending on what i'm in the mood for!

then out to meet up with my friends who just got engaged yesterday! congrats guys :)

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