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Thursday, January 11, 2007

i wonder if anyone notices i'm a beginner?

first off...do you ever feel like this when you're on the treadmill? you're running but not actually going anywhere. haha. that image just came to mind when i thought of myself tonight.

i was also thinking tonight, when i was running next to all of the "runners"...can they tell i'm new at this? then, around minute 15, this guy got on the treadmill next to me. i run at about 5mph and he was going 5.5. i kept up with him and we were at the same pace. and he looked like a runner so i figured, hey, maybe i do look like i know what i'm doing! haha :) i also tried to pretend that he and i were side by side in a 5k and i was just keeping my pace...it was kind of fun. the run went smoothly...started to feel tired towards the end but i did warm up on the elliptical machine for 15 minutes and burned 375 calories.

went to applebees for dinner with my best friend and sister, who is also on weight watchers. she's down 12 and looks great. we both ordered off the weight watchers menu. she got the chicken portabella sandwich (7) and i got the tortilla chicken melt (like quesadillas) (10). i only ate half of mine, cilantro-ranch dressing on the side and had a bite of her chicken and portabella so i figure my dinner was 7pts and a glass of wine which was 4 pts. so far so good. i wanted to go over point today and i did without counting my activity points.

i will weigh myself tmw morning and let you know how it goes...

off topic: bindi irwin is on larry king right now and she is beyond adorable, i could watch her talk all day, she's such a cutie!!

have a good night!

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