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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

good day for diet & exercise!


i did so well today, if i do say so myself.

i don't feel like posting any HTML but here is a recap:

kashi bar (2.5)
...super long meeting which left me starving...
healthy choice turkey sandwich with ff cheese and mustard on ww bread (3)
guiltless gourmet chili lime chips (2)
apple (1)
100 calorie wheat thins (2)
2 cubes laughing cow light (0.5)
workout: day 2, week 5 of couch potato to 5k (-4)
applebee's ww confetti chicken (7) --*SO good...cheesy & ranchy*
wine (5)
sugar free fudgesicle (1)
strawberry cloud pie (1)
almonds (1) (damn these munchies from my TOTM)
total: 22
flex points remaining: 33

i did week 5, day 2 of couch potato tonight. 8 minutes straight of running, twice! i was so surprised that it actually...dare i say...almost felt good to run? it wasn't hard, i was jogging with ease! :) i recommend that program to ANYONE. i was so bad at running, always getting winded and cramped up when i tried but this is a great program that eases you into being a runner! 5k here i come!!

over to bf's for the night. packed a delicious sandwich and snacks for tmw! 135.5 this morning with my TOTM so we will see on friday how much i weigh?

skiing all weekend, can't wait!

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