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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

this weekend = disaster for my diet

hello everyone!!

so i am back to work after a long 3 day weekend. as far as my diet goes, what diet? ew, i was so bad this weekend. i really just don't want to think about the food, drinks, beer, ewww. but you know what, there is nothing like a crazy weekend to get my butt refocused. i'm not going to use it as a setback because that past weekend was like a lot of weekends that used to occur on a regular basis. but now i feel more in control.

so let's rehash the damage.
friday: after work met up with friends at happy hour...drank a couple of beers. then we moved on to a different bar and stopped for a little bit of sushi. this normally wouldn't have been so bad but i continued to drink until the point of no return.

EWWW. how gross is that? i mean, it tastes delicious but the thought of it repulses me now. my boyfriend reminded me the next morning that i ate a crunch wrap supreme from taco bell. with BEEF. i do not eat beef...and i don't recall this happening. how gross is that? i was beyond drunk. i was blacked out. i know, that's bad but hey, binge drinking usually is. today is day two of my no drinking diet!!

saturday: actually i was pretty good saturday, i think i stayed within my points. had 2 coronas later that evening to celebrate a friends engagement. and a tortilla with beans before bed. not sooo bad.

sunday: went up to visit my boyfriend, who is a hot bartender at a mexican restaurant (same one i worked at). well i was planning on getting a water but my friend claudia...i'm sure i've mentioned her before...well her and her boyfriend were drinking while watching the football game. peer pressure lead me to drink a margarita, and then a beer and then a rum and diet. and each drink was egged on by her. now that i type this i realize how bad that sounds. but she is going back to europe (studying abroad) and she kept saying "come on! have a drink! it's my last day here...you don't have to work tommorow...one drink won't hurt!"...and i gave in to the peer pressure. eventually we went to her house for dinner that night, her mom is brazilian and the food was too good to pass up. roasted chicken, white rice, squash, the works and oh, the wine. lots of red wine. needless to say another bad night.

monday: so now i've settled into the "i already ate like a pig all weekend, i might as well not stop today". ate half a bagel and full fat cream cheese for breakfast. then a somewhat greasy turkey/cheese/mayo/lettuce sandwich. then movie theater popcorn with butter, then 2 slices of papa johns pizza. well don't worry, my stomach freaked out at this. i have to say aside from the crunchwrap supreme, this was some of the worst food i'd eaten all weekend. because while i was going overpoint, it was mostly with drinks and not so much food.

so long story short...i am not drinking until january 27th when i go skiing with my boyfriend. i really want to meet this goal and i think i can. drinking and partying has gone too far for me, i need to cut back and i think that might have a big effect on my weight loss goals :)

more to come later...
gym tonight: maybe.

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