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Thursday, January 25, 2007

size 4 pants: snug, but i'm wearing them!!

non-scale victory: wearing size 4 work pants! i have these pants in 3 colors from target, all size 6. i saw them on clearance ($16.99 hell yea) and bought a pair of size four in black. the 6's are gettting wayy too loose and baggy. they're a little tight on the waist but they look good...not a muffin top or anything but i guess i'm just used to the other pair being so loose.

went to a mexican restaurant for lunch with my bf. i'm sure it was a 10 point lunch but i am going to the gym tonight so i should be good.

munching on some weight watchers key lime pie yogurt (1 pt), so yummy and creamy!! i might try some sugar-free cinnamon rolls for desert tonight, haven't decided. i definitely have the munchies today.

scale this morning: 134. i'm ready to see that budge!! flex points may be key here?

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