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Monday, January 29, 2007

snow bunny wannabe & goal meeting

first and foremost: I RAN FOR 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!! that's right, i did it. and while i was doing it i was doubting myself...but i pushed through and proved myself wrong. it wasn't easy but it wasn't that hard either. it was more mental than anything else. i was just so surprised because the longest i have ever run, in my LIFE, was 10 minutes, and that was last week. to go from 10 to 20 scared me! anyway, i am now on week 6. it starts off easy and ends with 25 minutes of running....i will keep you posted!

i went skiing this past weekend with my boyfriend. we had a great time and i got to wear my new pink northface ski jacket :) i did okay on the eating front. definitely had pizza, beer, etc. but i figured i was burning off calories so i let myself indulge. i didn't eat dinner last night because i guess i was stuffed from the weekend.

i'm definitely having the munchies right now.
breakfast: kashi trail mix bar (2.5)
snack: 100 calorie 94% ff popcorn (1), lays light potato chips (1)
lunch: lean cuisine: chicken marsala (3) or soup (2.5)

i told myself i can't eat anything until i suck down this liter of water that is staring at me. i'm still 134 and that means to meet my new years goal i will need to lose 4 lbs in the next 2 weeks. i think i can do it, i want to really push myself and have a perfect weekend this coming weekend. it's the superbowl but i plan on saving my flex points for sunday night. and i'm also going to hit the gym sunday before the game and burn off some calories. GO BEARS!!

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