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Friday, January 05, 2007

my scale loves me again

okay so i'm back down to 135. it's crazy how 2 lbs will make me feel so bad! but i got over the slump, hit the gym 2 days this week so far and dropped the holiday weight. i'm looking forward to get down a few more pounds before my birthday. ideally 5 lbs...to 130...but no pressure, i know WW works so i will be patient. today i'm overpoint...25 points total right now...5 over...but i haven't dipped into my flex points this week so that's cool. i never use my flexpoints...i like to save them and then indulge myself on the weekends. does that work? i'm so good during the week though.

alright...i will go to the gym tmw or sunday...week 3, day 3 of couch potato. i'm so ready to get to week 4.

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