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Thursday, January 04, 2007

move them hips...run girl!

going back to the gym tonight after work. i brought my gym clothes but gave myself the option to go tommorow...but i feel motivated so i'm just going to go tonight. i wore my new running shoes to the gym yesterday, my shins were kind of aching but i'm not sure if that's from the shoes or what?

so far today i've had a kashi bar for breakfast - 2.5 pts. and then i had subway for lunch.

turkey wrap
sweet onion sauce
one slice of cheese
= 4 points!

it's really delicious too, i'm definitely a fan. i ate that 3 times last week while i was home for christmas, it felt like a treat but really it's not bad for you. i also bought some baked lays but i will probably save them for later. i know i need to start eating my daily intake of points but i want to save them for tonight, lean cuisine pizza and red wine are on the menu. i am just going to watch tv at my house and relax...do lotsss of laundry.

alright...talk to you later! i will be out of the office tmw but i may post tonight after my run!

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