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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

good day sunshine

so today started off blah...i wasn't feeling motivated and my scale was being mean to me. i am in denial and do not want to talk about my 1.5 lb gain. i know its the new years weekend haunting me but i've been back on track since yesterday. i went to the gym today and did week 3 (take 2) of the couch potato training. i got off to a rough start...i was tired after work and just wasn't feeling it but after i started running i sailed through and even ran an extra 2 minutes. i ran/walked for 35 minutes so i'm proud of myself. i need to get more motivated though.

tonight i went to the movies with my boyfriend and saw night at the museum. it was cute, definitely a family movie. he got a small popcorn no butter and twizzlers (he is also watching his waistband this new year) and i brought grapes. i had a couple bites of popcorn but i estimate it to be 3 points tops...i have 5 points left for today...and i'm enjoying a miller lite while we watch some football...i have no interest in football...hence why i am blogging...okay...he's teasing me because i type so fast.

until tommorow...

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