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Thursday, January 18, 2007

controlled snack attack

hello hello! wasn't able to post anything except my menu. for the past week i've been fighting my way back from 137 and today i was happy to see 135 on the scale once again. next week i will be having my time of the month so we will see how that number flys back up. but after that i will be working towards my goal of 130 by feb. 9th! wish me luck!

i did some cooking last night! see below. i actually made roni's spaghetti squash lasagna and hungry-girl's strawberry pie. i was looking at recipes all day yesterday and those two were both low in points and appealing to my eyes :)

the whole process took a while, about an hour and a half. i was making both simulateously so maybe that's why. i've never cooked with spaghetti squash before. in fact, i had to ask the grocery store guy what it looked like! haha. i've seen my dad eat it but this whole cooking thing is pretty new to me. i picked a huge squash, got all my ingredients together, including some weight watchers yogurts that i wanted to sample and various other groceries. i found the health-is-wealth spring rolls. 2 are equal to only one point! they were okay, very small. i prefer my one for 1.5 point spring roll as it lasts longer and actually tastes like a spring roll. but the grocery store i went to had a HUGE selection of health is wealth stuff, i will keep taste testing.

once my ingredients were together, i only needed half of my huge spaghetti squash. i left it on the counter while i was laying the lasagna and my boyfriend was picking away at it, he loved it. i saved it for dinner tonight, it is so yummy! and 0 points i think for a cup. my boyfriend waited patiently while i cooked. he works out but he's not on a diet, but watching what he eats. he liked the lasagna a lot. the ricotta cheese and spaghetti squash are quite a yummy combo. that would be good by itself with some spaghetti sauce.

the desert was another story. it was very easy to make but we both agreed the crust was very bland. i mean, it was fiber one afterall but my boyfriend said it tasted like dirt! haha. i liked it all together with an extra scoop of cool whip free. yum. can't go wrong with dinner & desert being 4 points total!

i also bought "giant weight watchers ice cream cups"...so i may try one tonight.

i am on day 4 of no drinking! YAY me!

i'm starting week 5 of couch potato. i think i need to eat more, i'm feeling kind of sleepy. i've had interviews all day (not being interviewed, being a part of an interview...which i don't really like). on top of that i didn't bring anything substantial, a bunch of snacks: weight watchers yogurt, apple, 100 calorie wheat thins, laughing cow light squares, fat free pudding, 100 calorie popcorn bag.

after the gym i will definitely be eating up some points :)
off i go to another meeting...ahhhhh. is it friday yet?

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