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Friday, June 29, 2007

smart water?

so i'm drinking smart water. i bought a 33.8 fluid oz bottle at the grocery store, only cost $1. you may know smart water as that drink jennifer aniston is always carrying around in the paparazzi pictures. according to the bottle, smart water is "electrolyte enhanced water". well that's exciting. i drank it on the way to work and refilled it. now i'm half way down the 2nd bottle. need to start getting more water in!

i have a very busy weekend once again. my friend is getting married so that will take all day saturday and the reception is at night. we're sleeping over at the resort and on sunday morning there is a sitdown brunch. wow. let's just hope i make good choices. after brunch i will be jumping on a plane and heading north for the 4th of july which also serves as a family reunion. so that means 5 day weekend! woohoo! i can't wait, it's much needed. i'm so itchy to not be at work, i definitely need this break.

i'm going to try to eat well at the wedding and on my trip. it is a vacation though so i may take liberties with my grandma's potato pancakes and homemade scones. i get them once a year, i gotta do what i gotta do!

didn't weigh myself this morning but i'm guessing still at 132?

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and holiday!
see you wednesday! :)


jodi said...

i have a bachelorette/shower weekend coming up, as well as the wedding in august so i can totally relate... its always hard to stay OP at those things but i'll try my best...

mmm, the homemade potato pancakes and scones sound awesome! enjoy! :o)

katieo said...

oooo, scones! I remember you telling me about those once a year delights... I hope you enjoy them and have a great really long weekend!

KL said...

Can't wait to hear about the wedding!