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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

number muncher

i don't know if i'm outing myself as a nerd by going for this reference but does anyone remember "number munchers"? it was a computer game that i used to play in elementary/middle school and the little green guy (see above) would eat up all the numbers on the screen if you got the math problem correct.

well folks, i have turned into a number muncher. the numbers that i am constantly munching:
- steps on my pedometer
- minutes of cardio (treadmill, elliptical)
- points that i eat
- activity points
- flex points

numbers, numbers, everywhere! i like the challenge though. when i'm on the treadmill and i *think* i've ran as far as i can, if i've ran 17 minutes, i will always push myself for 20. which usually turns into 25. and sometimes 30. but today, it turned into 32! yay :) and don't worry, i will take an extra lap to the bathroom to try and get in at least 10,000 steps today. some days are more successful than others. but the thing for me, i love a good solid number for cardio or steps i take and i keep going until i get it. it's great motivation. do you do that? push for 30 minutes instead of 28? that's totally me.

so as you know i do weight watchers. i don't go to meetings and i don't do it online but i count points. my sister and i went to a meeting back in the day, never found the time to keep up with it. actually, i didn't really want to. don't get me wrong, they seemed great, it just wasn't for me. i'm shy and i don't really like talking in front of a crowd. ANYWAY...i have all the materials and use all my online resources and blog buddies for answers.

my question is...how do you figure out activity points? usually i will take the calories i burn on the treadmill and divide by 70. i do that with some food if i'm trying to guess and don't have my slider. is that right? today i burned 345 calories, ran for 32 minutes and walked for 13....so....how many activity points is that? 4 or 5? i just don't know. so if someone could give me a clue, it would be much appreciated.

alright folks, the pedometer is up to 13,759 and i'm still at work. thinking about hitting the mall later?

scale: 132
ta ta for now :)


katieo said...

I don't remember number munchers, but something very similar, maybe a different version or something... Anyway, it made me smile.
And I'm totally with you on pushing yourself, "Just one more minute,"
I do that all that time!

Living to Feel Good said...

Well with WW it matters how much you weigh to know how many activity points you earned. I usually don't eat more than half of the calories I burned. Way to go on the gym! And yes I push myself. I HATE the elliptical. I make myself do a min of 5 mins, but sometimes I can push myself to 10-15 mins. It's the only machine I hate. I like to aim for a min of 30mins if I am not feeling the workout, but I am for 45-60 mins.

jodi said...

i used to think for every 100 calories burned, you earned 1 AP... but once i signed-up for eTools, its much different - its all based on your current weight, etc. so i'm not sure what to tell you... for me, i can run at 5:3 for 35 minutes and early 5 APs (but i'm also 160)...

Shelley said...

Did you go to the mall?? I finally made it to the sale at Nordstrom last week...what a blast.

I agree with Jodi..I always thought it was around 1 pt for every 100 calories, but it depends on your weight and the activity. I've never done WW, so what do I know?

132 is great!!! I was 136 this morning thanks to TOM! YUK!!!

Keep it up, Kel!