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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

it's too beautiful to be inside!

happy tuesday everyone! i don't know about you, but we're having beautiful weather!! it's going to hit 90 today! ouch!

i had such a busy weekend. celebrated my sister's birthday on friday night, that was fun! saturday i went to a concert and that turned out pretty good too! as far as the diet front: i did okay, had some guacamole and tortilla chips on saturday. YUMMY. then i had chinese food sunday night but i ordered steamed dumplings, hot & sour soup and an egg roll. 6-7 points? not sure. i only ate 3 steamed dumplings, that soup always fills me up! i finally saw "the holiday" this weekend. it was SO cute. reminded me of love actually. i can watch that movie a million times and not get sick of it.

last week at the grocery store i bought quaker oat's weight management oatmeal. they had a two for one sale so i bought banana bread and cinnamon. well i haven't tried the cinnamon but the banana bread is NOT as delicious as i wanted it to be. on a scale of 1-5, i would give it a 3. i added some splenda to it though and that brings it up to a 3.5. definitely not bad AND 6g of fiber! i'm going to finish off the box or give it to my sister.

so i have a dilemma today, i need to go to the gym. i brought my gym bag but forgot my towel. i planned on going on my lunch break since i have a lot to do after work today....but i dont want to be stinky all day. there are showers but what do i use if i have no towel? i'm going to try to come up with something...haha

scale: 132

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have a great day!


jodi said...

i've had the maple and brown sugar, thought it was pretty tasty though kind of sweet... its great for an afternoon snack though... :o)

doesn't your gym provide towels? i usually shower after my cardio sessions but sometimes, not always after my weight-training days (not a huge sweater)... maybe you should bring in an extra towel so you have it at work! :o)

kelly said...

that's a good idea, keep an extra towel in my car. i dont know why i didn't bring one. i ended up grabbing a roll of paper towels and used that. it actually didn't take that many. lol. is that weird? whatever! at least i got my cardio in :)

kelly said...

p.s. the gym is my work gym so no, they don't provide towels.

katieo said...

Weight loss tip #35: When you forget your towel at the gym, just grab a roll of paper towel!

KL said...

My gym doesn't have anything but lockers and hair dryers. Good job on improvising!