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Monday, June 11, 2007


alright, i just added up my points today and i've already gone over my daily point allowance. i can't even believe it.

lets run down what i ate:
fiber one bar: 2.5
quaker rice quakes: 2
lean cuisine mac n cheese: 5.5
uncrustables grilled cheese: 3.5
1 serving of pad thai: 4
hostess cupcakes 100 calorie: 1
coke: 2

yikes. if you're keeping track, that's 20.5. how did that happen you ask? well, i drank too much wine last night and was feeling like poo at work. i've heard that cheese & coke make you feel better. so hence the cheese overload. and from there it was just like i couldn't satisfy my hunger, and i still haven't. oh well, that's what flex points are for. i usually save them for the weekend but it looks like i'm gonna need them!

anyway, i am making up for it by walking tonight (forgot my gym bag) and maybe doing a "the firm" dvd? i need to get my rear in gear people! this is unacceptable! definitely hitting the gym tommorow.

sister skinny asked about our ipod playlists, so here are some of my favorite workout songs (i would take a screenshot but i do not have iTunes here at work)

1. it's my party - fabolous
2. pass that dutch - missy elliot
3. fighter - christina aguilera (such a great running song!)
4. B.O.B. - outkast
5. before he cheats - carrie underwood
6. survivor - destinys child
7. dance, dance - fall out boy
8. boyfriend - ashlee simpson
9. lucifer - jay z
10. move ya body - nina sky
11. oye mi canto - n.o.r.e.

and, since i am a SUPER nerd, if i like a song that someone sings on american idol, i will download the snippet of them singing. for example carrie underwood singing alone, neiko smith singing part-time lover, chris daughtry singing i walk the line....so there are a bunch of those on my ipod. it's actually kind of cool bc if i feel like stopping, i skip to one of those and tell myself just to get through the 1 minute song.

have a happy monday, hopefully it's not as food-filled as mine has been! :)

scale: 132.8


katieo said...

Hey Kelly- What an awesome list!
I think I'm going to do a "mother of all lists" pretty soon and add everyone's to it.

and for the record, I'm a SUPER nerd too.

Dynamo360 said...

Lucifer is one of my favorite workout songs! :)

Living to Feel Good said...

Oh man...fighter...I forgot about that song! I should add that to my list.

Did you do your firm dvd?
Well I had to haul ass from one end of the mall to the other to meet my mom and sister who were getting me a new cell phone. I felt like with that small workout and all the errands I did I got enough exercise in. Then 9:30pm rolled around and I felt like going to the gym again. So day 1 complete for me for the thing we are doing, and day 6 in a row at the gym as well.

Catch ya tomorrow!