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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

let's get physical, physical!

i'm so focused this week, it's crazy. i hit the gym during lunch and did 35 minutes of cardio. i've been able to access the gym in my office building since last thursday. since then, i've worked out everyday (excluding weekends since our office is closed). so that would be thurs, fri, mon, tues, wed that i've done at least 30 mins of cardio. i can't remember the last time i did that. it's just nice to be able to step away from my desk, watch ellen, oprah or the view and not think about work for 30-45 mins a day! i'll take it!

another office birthday celebration has been defeated by yours truly. i think people are starting to catch on that i don't want the cupcakes, cake and ice cream. well i do, but just in a lower fat version so that i can eat more :)

anyway...i guess i'm boring this week. not much else to say. i need a new bikini for the beach. i hate trying them on but i do have one from "water, water everywhere" that they make each summer in different patterns. it is so flattering. i would post a pic but i can't get on any swimsuit websites at worked, they're blocked. how stupid. anyway, it's by JAG and it has a underwire halter top and a bottom that ties on each side so that you can form it to your body shape. i will try to post a picture later. of me? are you kidding? of a model wearing the same suit! :)

oh yea: scale = 133.4


molly-skinnyhips2be said...

Way to go on the cardio - it's funny, when I get so focused I feel like I'm in "a zone". It's just a great feeling!

About the bathing suit? Just to be THINKING about getting in a bikini - how exciting! I bought one in January and am still waiting to be able to fit into it. Hopefully, by the end of the summer!

Keep up the great work!

kelly said...

you just have to find the right one...i will post my JAG suit here in a minute...